Soccer Sponsor - a true investment in the future of youth soccer

The soccer ball is the funniest toy on earth! Soccer can also be the way to the future. VSG operates schools and academies all over the world, where education and soccer are on the schedule every day in the school and academy. With a new and pioneering concept this is the foundation for a good life for thousands of children.

The goal of VSG is to educate and create the best soccer players in the world and at the same time help children to a better life all over the world. All children in our schools and academies won't become professional soccer players of course, but all will have a solid education and a good start in life..


The concept Soccer Sponsor of VSG is a modern way of child sponsorship and the key words are professional soccer education, management & social responsibility.


Soccer Sponsor School is the wide base in the VSG concept. With Soccer Sponsor School children will have daily training in soccer. Soccer Pro Academy, creating top professional soccer players.
Academy Player Investor gives you an opportunity to invest directly in a player on academy level. Invest in the next generation of top level soccer stars! Gold Sponsor Academy is a pure sponsorship where large companies sponsor a Soccer Pro Academy in a country of their choice.